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Web shop explanation

brief description of our web shop

The objective of our web shop is to provide our customers with prompt and up to date information about our available perennial plant stocks. One of our priorities is just-in-time delivery, enabling supply and demand to be matched quickly and accurately.

Our listed supplies are updated in ‘real time’ ensuring that they are always correct. This saves you time in phone calls, faxes or emailing us about the availability of (a) certain product(s). In addition, news, tips, and photos of promotions and other interesting articles are also posted on our Web shop.

Once we have received an application form from you, we will send you a login account and password so that you can place, view and change your orders. All prices for ordered items and any charges for picture labels, insertion etc., will be provided immediately, as well as the total cost of your order. Any of our mutually agreed conditions are directly processed into your order so that you always pay the correct price. An automatic discount of 2% of net cost of our plants is applied to all of our web shop orders. These prices are based on a minimum order quantity of 24 units per species and for smaller numbers a surcharge will be applied automatically.

After seeing the web shop "send order" option, you will still be able to add additional comments such as delivery dates, address etc. A copy of all of our orders is saved so that you can always retrieve them from the order history.

After your order is received and processed in our system, you will receive an order confirmation message.

We hope this extra service meets your needs and can make the most of it.

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